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Table 2 Dimensions of API evolution and thresholds

From: To react, or not to react: Patterns of reaction to API deprecation

Dimension A: Actively releasing
last release > 5 years agoA: releases every > 12 monthsA: releases every 4-12 monthsA+: releases every 0-3 months
no deprecated methods removedR: 0-50% of deprecated methods removedR+: 50-75% of deprecated methods removedR++: > 75% of deprecated methods removed
Dimension D: Deprecated features (percentage)
D: 0 - 2% of methods deprecatedD: 3-9% of methods deprecatedD+: 10-15% of methods deprecatedD++: > 16% of methods deprecated
Dimension B: Breaking changes (cardinality)
0 breaking changesB: 1-90 changes that break methodsB+: > 90 changes that break methods