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Table 4 User reputation regressed on gender, user-level activity measures, controlling for self-promotion indicators and community-level features

From: Gender differences in participation and reward on Stack Overflow

 Dependent variable: \(\ln (\text {Reputation})\)
Answers Posted (log)0.50c0.52c0.45c
Questions Posted (log)0.08c0.09c0.09c
Votes Casted0.09c0.08c0.08c
Account Age0.49c0.50c0.50c
Male × Answers Posted  0.13c
Male × Questions Posted  −0.01
Self-promotion Controls YESYES
Community Controls YESYES
Adjusted R20.610.620.63
Residual Std. Error0.740.740.73
F Statistic6,749.74c1,734.25c1,617.60c
  1. The gender indicator interacted with the activity measures in the third model shows that men get more reward for posting additional answers than women do
  2. Note: ap <0.1; bp <0.05; cp <0.01