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Monitoring of pesticide residues levels in fresh vegetable form Heibei Province, North China

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In this study, 226 samples of seven types of domestic vegetables collected from several vegetable-growing regions in Hebei Province of China were tested for the presence of 38 different agricultural pesticides using a gas chromatograph equipped with electron capture and nitrogen phosphorus detectors. The aim of this study was to investigate the distribution of pesticides in main vegetables from Hebei Province. Results showed that, in 65.93 % of the samples, no residues were found, 31.42 % of the samples contained pesticide residues at or below the maximum residue levels (MRLs), and 2.65 % of the samples contained pesticide residues above MRL. The most frequently detected pesticides were acephate (31), followed by cyhalothrin (15), bifenthrin (8), omethoate (6), isazophos (6), dimethoate (5), chlorpyrifos (2), and malathion (1). Some (1.33 %) of the samples contained multiple residues. The results provide useful information on the current contamination status of a key agricultural area in North China, and points to the continuous monitoring and strict regulation of pesticide use on vegetables are necessary.

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This survey was supported by the China Ministry of Health. We especially express our thanks to the teamwork of Handan Municipal Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Weihao Li and Lingyu Tai contributed to the work equally and should be regarded as co-first authors.

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