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Concentrations of cadmium and lead heavy metals in Dardanelles seawater


Cadmium and lead were determined simultaneously in seawater by differential pulse stripping voltammetry (DPSV) preceded by adsoptive collection of complexes with 8-hydroxyquinoline (oxine) on to a hanging mercury drop electrode (HMDE). In preliminary experiments the optimal analytical condition for oxine concentration was found to be 2.10−5 M, at pH 7.7, the accumulation potential was −1.1 V, and the initial scannig potential was −0.8 V. The peak potentials were found −0.652 V for Cd and −0.463 V for Pb At the 60 s accumalation time. The limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantitatification (LOQ) were found to be by voltammetry as 0.588 and 1.959 μg l−1 (RSD, 5.50%) for Cd and 0.931 and 3.104 μg l−1 (RSD, 4.10%) for Pb at 60 s stirred accumulation time respectively. In these conditions the most of the seawater samples are amenable for direct voltammetric determination of cadmium and lead using a HMDE. An adsorptive stripping mechanism of the electrode reaction was proposed. For the comparison, seawater samples were also analysed by ICP-atomic emission spectrometry method (ICP-AES). The applied voltammetric technique was validated and good recoveries were obtained.

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