Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

, Volume 124, Issue 1–3, pp 235–241

Distribution of Ultraviolet solar Radiation at Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia

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DOI: 10.1007/s10661-006-9221-x

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Elani, U.A. Environ Monit Assess (2007) 124: 235. doi:10.1007/s10661-006-9221-x


The ultraviolet UV solar radiation flux is monitored over a fixed time interval to study the daily, monthly and annual variations for a nearly one decade in Riyadh. Mathematical expressions will be presented based on a comparison between theoretical and experimental values. It is believed that the present analysis of UV radiation suggest that the environmental effects led to a better understanding of UV scattering, UV reflection, ozone and clouds layers in Riyadh and other selected areas in the mid-east region.


Ultraviolet UV radiation UV fluxes UV mathematical expressions Environmental effects Riyadh Saudi Arabia 

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  1. 1.Solar Energy Research Group, Department of Physics & Astronomy, College of ScienceKing Saud UniversityRiyadhKingdom of Saudi Arabia

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