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A Peridynamic Model of Fracture Mechanics with Bond-Breaking


We present a new formulation of a peridynamic model for brittle fracture that incorporates a properly defined bond-breaking rule which leads to a dynamic system of time-dependent differential integral equations having both spatial nonlocal/nonlinear interactions and temporal memory/history dependence. The dynamic system is shown to be well-posed through rigorous mathematical analysis. Its effectiveness in simulating crack propagation in a two dimensional brittle material is also demonstrated.

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We thank Dr. Stewart Silling, Prof. Florin Bobaru and Dr. Pablo Seleson for their helpful discussions on the subject. We also thank Prof. Robert Lipton for bringing [21] to our attention.

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  • Peridynamics
  • Fracture
  • Bond-breaking
  • Well-posedness
  • Energy decay
  • Nonlocal model
  • Memory effect
  • Crack propagation
  • Convergence of numerical simulations

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