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Emergence of Fusarium verticillioides in Finland

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In summer 2019, perithecia superficial on the leaf sheath near the base of the stem were visually observed on stalks of winter wheat cultivar Ceylon in Southwest Finland. Mycological examination and translation elongation factor 1-alpha gene sequence of single ascospore isolates determined that they were Fusarium verticillioides (Sacc.) Nirenberg (teleomorph: Gibberella moniliformis Wineland). According to the published information, neither the anamorph nor the teleomorph stages of this pathogen have been previously detected in cereals in Finland and Scandinavian countries. The emergence of this fungus is probably caused by the influence of climate change, which may favour the distribution, development and adaptation of introduced mycotoxigenic fungi. Detection of a fumonisin-producing F. verticillioides allows the prediction of changes in the pattern of grain mycotoxin contamination in northern European countries. A mutation in sexual reproduction was also detected. The mature perithecia contained three types of spores: straight one- or three-septate and abnormal rounded ascospores.

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The investigation was funded by the Russian Scientific Foundation (project no. 19-76-30005) and supported by the travel grant (no. 324819) from the Academy of Finland.

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Correspondence to Tatiana Yu. Gagkaeva.

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The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest. TG planned and conducted the mycological work in Russia, TY-M planned and conducted the molecular experiments in Finland and applied for the travelling grant from the Academy of Finland for TG. TG led the writing of the manuscript with TY-M contributing in the preparation of the manuscript.

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