Development of detection systems for the sporangia of Peronospora destructor


DOI: 10.1007/s10658-008-9346-6

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Kennedy, R. & Wakeham, A.J. Eur J Plant Pathol (2008) 122: 147. doi:10.1007/s10658-008-9346-6


A monoclonal antibody that recognises components of the wall of sporangia of Peronospora destructor was raised. Tests using spores of higher fungi and other species of mildew demonstrated the specificity of the monoclonal. The antibody was used to develop lateral flow devices for sporangia of P. destructor. A competitive lateral flow format was developed which could detect onion downy mildew sporangia. Five-microliter gold anti-mouse IgM solution pre-mixed with 10 μl of P. destructor monoclonal antibody (EMA 242) proved the optimal concentration for detection of sporangia of P. destructor when applied to sample pads of lateral flow devices. Limits of approximately 500 sporangia of P. destructor could be detected by the absence of a test line on the lateral flow device within test samples. Using a scanning densitometer improved the sensitivity of detection. Further development and validation of the test is required if it is to be used for risk assessments of onion downy mildew in the field.


Onion downy mildew Monoclonal antibody Peronospora destructor Lateral flow assay Detection PTA ELISA Immunofluorescence 

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