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Book Review: Leveraging the potential of research on classroom discourse for enhancing mathematics teaching and learning Jill Adler and Anna Sfard (Eds.) (2017) Research for Educational Change: Transforming ResearchersInsights Into Improvement in Mathematics Teaching and Learning

London and New York: Routledge. 279 pages. ISBN: 978-1-138-18732-0 [hardcover], RRP Feb. 2017: $91.15; E-book, $18.45-$53.57
  • Margaret WalshawEmail author

A geographical context of deprivation and marginalization will not necessarily guarantee a book’s impact. What really matters for capturing reader attention is the calibre of the contents. The calibre, of course, requires skilful navigation between familiar and new ideas, practises and contexts. Jill Adler and Anna Sfard have done just that. In their edited volume Research for Educational Change: Transforming Researchers’ Insights Into Improvement in Mathematics Teaching and Learning, they demonstrate a keen sense of content balance as they explore familiar and new territory relating to teaching and learning. As the book unfolds, we become acutely aware that this is a book that does not simply report research in a context “hindered by poverty, oppression and social injustice” (p. 2). Its underlying interest is in making an important contribution at the level of practice. What the authors of Research for Educational Changeseek to do is make a responsive contribution to teachers and...


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