Educational Studies in Mathematics

, Volume 60, Issue 3, pp 359–381 | Cite as

Reflections on an Emerging Field: Researching Mathematics Teacher Education

  • Jill AdlerEmail author
  • Deborah Ball
  • Konrad Krainer
  • Fou-Lai Lin
  • Jarmila Novotna


This paper reports a survey of research in mathematics teacher education from 1999 to 2003 done by an international team of five mathematics educators and researchers. The survey included published research in international mathematics education journals, international handbooks of mathematics education and international mathematics education conference proceedings. Some regional sources from various parts of the world were also included. We investigated who was writing, from and in what settings, with what theoretical frameworks, and with what sorts of study designs for what core questions. We also examined the range of findings and conclusions produced in these studies. Our analysis presented here focuses on four themes that stood out from our initial investigation of almost 300 published papers, and systematically elaborated through a focused study of a 160 papers across key journals and conference proceedings in the field. From this vantage point, the paper offers a reflection on the current state of the field of mathematics teacher education research. Our aim is to stimulate discussion that can support the development of the field, not make final pronouncements about its nature.

Key Words

survey of field teacher education research teaching 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jill Adler
    • 1
    Email author
  • Deborah Ball
    • 2
  • Konrad Krainer
    • 3
  • Fou-Lai Lin
    • 4
  • Jarmila Novotna
    • 5
  1. 1.Chair of Mathematics Education, School of EducationUniversity of the WitwatersrandJohannesburgSouth Africa
  2. 2.University of MichiganAnn ArborUnited States
  3. 3.University of KlagenfurtKlagenfurtAustria
  4. 4.National Taiwan Normal UniversityTaipeiTaiwan
  5. 5.Charles UniversityPragueThe Czech Republic

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