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Table 6 NOECs (Williams test, p < 0.05) in μg metiram/L (expressed in terms of nominal treatment level) for phytoplankton community and individual taxa

From: Effects of the fungicide metiram in outdoor freshwater microcosms: responses of invertebrates, primary producers and microbes

   Day after first application Note
−1 3 10 17 24 31 48 59
Phytoplankton Community  
Total taxa richness 108↓ Figure 1c
Chlorophyll a 108↓ Figure 1d
Taxon group Taxon name          
Chlorophyta Total abundance SI Fig. II-A
Chlorophyta colony 36↑  
Chlorophyta loose cells 108↑  
Coelastrum sp. 36↑ 36↑ Low density*
Desmodesmus brasiliensis 108↑ Low density
Desmodesmus costatogranulatus 108↑ Low density
Dictyosphaerium sp. 36↑ Low density
Dictyosphaerium subsolitarium 108↑ Low density
Geminella sp. 108↓ Low density
Gonium sp. 108↑ 108↑ SI Fig. II-B
Monoraphidium griffithii 108↑ Low density
Mougeotia sp. 108↑ Low density
Nephrochlamys sp. 108↑ Low density
Nephrocytium sp. 108↑ Low density
Oedogonium sp. 108↑ Low density
Oocystis colony 108↑ Low density
Oocystis loose cells 108↓  
Pandorina sp. 108↓ Low density
P. lendneri 108↓  
S. arcuatus 36↑  
Sorastrum sp. 108↑ Low density
Spirogyra sp. 108↑ Low density
Tetraedron caudatum 108↑ 108↑ Low density
T. minimum 108↑ SI Fig. II-C
Tetraedron triangulare 108↓ Low density
Volvox (loose cells) SI Fig. II-D
Chrysophyceae Total abundance SI Fig. II-E
Chrysococcus 108↑ Low density
Cryptophyceae Total abundance 12↓ SI Fig. II-F
Cyanophyta Total abundance SI Fig. III-A
Anabaena sp. 108↓ 36↓ Figure 3h
Snowella sp. 108↑ Low density
Desmidiaceae Total abundance 108↓ 108↓ SI Fig. III-C
Cosmarium crenulatum 36↓ Low density
C. formosulum 108↑ Low density
C. pachydermum var. aethiopicum 108↑ Low density
C. polygonum 108↓ 36↓ SI Fig. III-D
C. tetraophthalmum 108↓ Low density
C. turpinii 108↑ Low density
Gonatozygon brebissonii 108↓ Low density
Staurastrum spp. 108↓  
Staurastrum tetracerum 36↓ Low density
Diatomeae Total abundance 108↑ SI Fig. III-E
Achnanthidiaceae 36↓  
Fragilaria sp. 108↑ Low density*
Pennales 108↑   
Rhopalodia gibba 108↑ 108↑ SI Fig. III-F
Dinoflagellata Total abundance 108↓ 108↓ SI Fig. III-G
Peridinium sp. 108↓ 108↓  
Euglenophyceae Total abundance 108↓ SI Fig. III-H
Trachelomonas gr. oblonga 108↓  
  1. This table lists all taxa presented in figures and taxa for which at least on one sampling date a statistically significant effect was observed
  2. ↓ = reduction in abundance, ↑ = increase in abundance, – = no significant effect (Williams test, p > 0.05). SI Supporting Information
  3. * Low density means that the number of individuals per sample was on average <10 individuals/mL when the statistically significant difference was observed