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Table 5 NOECs (Williams test, p < 0.05) in μg metiram/L (expressed in terms of nominal treatment level) for macroinvertebrate community and individual taxa that showed a treatment-related effect on at least one sampling

From: Effects of the fungicide metiram in outdoor freshwater microcosms: responses of invertebrates, primary producers and microbes

   Day after first application Note
−12 15 29 43 57
Macro-invertebrates Community  
  Total taxa richness 108↓ Figure 1b
Taxon group Taxon name       
Crustacea Asellidae 36↑ Low densitya
Hirudinea Erpobdella sp. 108↑ Low density
Helobdella stagnalis 108↑ Low density
Insecta Anisoptera 108↓ Low density
Caenis sp. 36↓ Low density
Chironomini 108↓  
Cloeon dipterum 108↑ Low density
Dytiscidae (larva) 108↑ 108↑ Low density
Haliplidae (larva) 108↑ Low density
Helophorus sp. 108↑ Low density
Notonecta sp. 108↑ Low density
Sigara sp. 108↑ Low density
Mollusca G. crista 108↓ Low density
Planorbis sp. 36↓ Pre-treatment
Oligochaeta Tubificidae 108↑ Low density
  1. ↓ = reduction in abundance, ↑ = increase in abundance; – = no significant effect (Williams test, p > 0.05)
  2. aLow density means that the number of individuals per sample was <5