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Table 3 NOECs (Williams test, p < 0.05) in μg a.i./L (expressed in terms of nominal treatment level) for physico-chemical characteristics observed on each sampling date in the metiram enclosure experiment

From: Effects of the fungicide metiram in outdoor freshwater microcosms: responses of invertebrates, primary producers and microbes

Endpoint Day after first application Note
−1 3 10 17 24 31 48 59
EC 108↑a 108↑a 36↓a SI Fig. I-A
pH 4↑a 4↑a,b 108↓a <4↓a 12↓a <4↑a SI Fig. I-B
O2 108↓a <4↑a SI Fig. I-C
Alkalinity    <4↑a     12↓a SI Fig. I-D
  1. ↓ = decrease, ↑ = increase, – = no significant effect (Williams test, p > 0.05). SI Supporting Information
  2. aQuantitatively small difference relative to controls
  3. bDownward trend relative to pre-treatment (day −1)