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Effects of cadmium hyperaccumulation on the concentrations of four trace elements in Lonicera japonica Thunb.

  • Zhouli Liu
  • Xingyuan HeEmail author
  • Wei Chen


Hyperaccumulators are important in the phytoremediation of cadmium (Cd)-contaminated soil. In this study, Cd accumulation and the interactions between Cd and four other trace elements (Fe, Mn, Cu, and Zn) in Lonicera japonica Thunb. were investigated. As a result of exposure to soil containing 50 mg kg−1 Cd, stem and shoot Cd concentrations reached 344.49 ± 0.71 and 286.12 ± 9.38 μg g−1 DW respectively, without showing symptoms of visible damage to the plants. This suggests that L. japonica has a strong tolerance to Cd. It is proposed that trace metal elements are involved in the Cd-detoxification mechanisms shown by hyperaccumulators. There is a synergistic interaction in accumulation and translocation between Cd and Fe and a significantly negative correlation between Cd and Cu or Zn concentrations in L. japonica plant tissues. The imbalanced trace element concentrations influences detoxification processes to Cd, therefore, L. japonica could be considered as a new Cd-hyperaccumulator model to investigate the metal tolerance strategies of plants.


Lonicera japonica Thunb. Cadmium Tolerance Hyperaccumulator Trace elements 



The authors are very thankful to Dr. Merv Fingas, for his help in improving the manuscript. Authors also wish to express their gratitude to the reviewers for the manuscript. This work was supported by the National Science & Technology Pillar Program (2008BAJ10B04) of China.


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