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Olyra parviocula, a new species of bagrid catfish (Actinopterygii: Siluriformes), from northeastern India


A new species, Olyra parviocula, is described from the Kameng River, Brahmaputra River drainage in Arunachal Pradesh, northeastern India. The new species differs from congeners in having small eye diameter 5–8% HL; short adipose fin, not confluent with caudal-fin, its base length 9–12% SL; dorsal-fin branched rays 6; anal-fin rays viii–xi, 8–10 and maxillary barbel almost reaching pelvic-fin base. A key to identification of all valid species of Olyra is provided.

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We are thankful to Kailash Chandra (ZSI, Kolkata) for permission to examine specimens and providing laboratory facilities and also grateful to KA Subramanian (ZSI, Chennai) for permission to examine type specimen of Olyra astrifera. We are also grateful to the Project Advisory Committee of ZSI, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Changes, Government of India for approving the research programme.

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