Amblyceps improcerum, a new sisoroid catfish from Kachin State, Myanmar (Teleostei: Siluriformes: Amblycipitidae)


A new species of amblycipitid catfish is here described from the Indawgyi Lake basin of the Irrawaddy River drainage in Kachin State, Myanmar as Amblyceps improcerum, new species. It can be distinguished from congeners in having a unique combination of the following characters: lower jaw longer than upper; head length 17.4–22.3% SL; head width 13.7–15.2% SL; head depth 9.0–11.7% SL; interorbital distance 31–39% HL; eye diameter 7–10% HL; 37–38 vertebrae; lateral line incomplete; predorsal length 25.5–30.7% SL; smooth posterior margin of pectoral spine; pectoral-fin length 13.5–16.8% SL; pelvic-fin length 9.6–13.4% SL; dorsal-to-adipose distance 25.2–28.7% SL; length of adipose-fin base 19.4–23.3% SL; adipose fin separate from dorsal procurrent caudal-fin rays; preanal length 62.1–66.9% SL; body depth at anus 9.8–12.8% SL; depth of caudal peduncle 10.1–12.6% SL; length of caudal peduncle 21.4–24.0% SL, post-adipose distance 15.8–17.8% SL; weakly-forked caudal fin with short broadly, rounded lobes (length of longest ray 1.3–1.5 times length of median rays); centrally projecting hooks on proximal lepidotrichia of median caudal-fin rays absent.

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Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division, Forest Department gave permission to survey in Indawgyi Wildlife Sanctuary. The material of the new species was obtained from surveys conducted by Fauna & Flora International (FFI), with financial support from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust and the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund. MK thanks Zau Lunn and Frank Momberg (FFI) for help in organising the work and logistics, Nyein Chan, Dankhaung H-Hkai (Fauna & Flora International), Kyi Oo, Soe Myint, Nay Myo Tun (Indawgyi Wildlife Sanctuary) and Khin Maung Thein (Department of Fisheries) for their help in the field. We are also grateful to Heok Hui Tan for radiographing the study material and to the curators and collection managers of the institutions whose material we examined in this study for permission to examine material under their care. We thank Fábio Fernandes Roxo and an anonymous reviewer for reading and commenting on the manuscript.

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  • Ostariophysi
  • Sisoroidea
  • Irrawaddy river
  • New species