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Response to “Comment on ‘The Global Impacts of Extreme Sea-Level Rise: A Comprehensive Economic Assessment”’ (Richard Tol, Robert J. Nicholls, Sally Brown, Jochen Hinkel, Athanasios T. Vafeidis, Tom Spencer and Mark Schuerch)

  • Jonathan PycroftEmail author
  • Jan Abrell
  • Juan-Carlos Ciscar

The comment hurls a myriad of complaints at our paper, which—with one exception—mainly indicate misunderstandings of the work that has been done. In the interest of scientific transparency, this note clears up these misunderstandings, mostly by highlighting the relevant sections of the original paper, and thereby reinforcing our methodological choices.

Before doing so however, we would like to acknowledge the one error we made in the literature review, which was pointed out in the comment. We incorrectly stated that Nicholls et al. (2008) utilises the DIVA model. The sentence (p. 2, para.5) should read, “This work utilises the FUND model ...”. Otherwise the points made about the reference are correct.

Taking the remaining issues in turn, the comment states that a “uniform” sea-level rise is reported. However, the term consistently used is “average global sea-level rise” and we also explicitly explain (p. 6) that “The scenarios in this paper are named after the average global sea-level...


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