Table 15 Covariates for the attitudes towards the environment and climate policies

From: The Influence of Collective Action on the Demand for Voluntary Climate Change Mitigation in Hypothetical and Real Situations

Variable Question wording
Worry Are you generally concerned about global warming or not?
Emission trading How suitable or unsuitable do you think is the European Emission Trading System for the reduction of \(\hbox {CO}_{2 }\)emissions?
Renewables How suitable or unsuitable do you think are the current subsidies for the promotion of renewable energies for the reduction of \(\hbox {CO}_{2 }\)emissions?
Dilemma awareness It is pointless if I do something against climate change as an individual
Personal Norm Scale I don’t buy fruit and vegetables from far countries to save emissions
I feel obliged to consider the climate impact of my daily activities
I feel better when I save emissions
I have a bad conscience when I drive a car instead of using public transport
In my daily activities I try to save as many emissions as I can
  1. All question were answered on a five point Likert-scale, the items to measure Personal Norm were summarized in a scale that yielded an alpha value of 0.81