1 Erratum to: Environ Resource Econ DOI 10.1007/s10640-015-9907-z

The second sentence in Proposition 4 on the 9th page should read: “This allocation will remain in the core if the endowment of a country with a high Moulin sacrifice is decreased by some amount and the endowment of another country with a lower Moulin sacrifice is increased by the same amount without changing the ranking of the sacrifice levels.” The words “decreased” and “increased” were mixed up in the original online version of the article.

The first sentence in the 9th line after Fig. 3 should read: “The Moulin sacrifices of the two countries will be equalized if \(x_1^A =\frac{1}{2}y_1 \).” The first subscript of the equation was incorrect. Three sentences further, it should read: “If the Moulin sacrifice of country i is below (above) the threshold level \(\frac{1}{2}\left( {1-\frac{y_i }{2}} \right) \), the corresponding allocation will be sufficiently close to (far from) the EMS-line, and will thus lie inside (outside) the core lens.” The subscript in the equation was again incorrect in the original online version of the article, and we have replaced “one of the countries” with “country i”.