EAERE Award for the Best Paper Published in Environmental and Resource Economics During 2013

For a number of years now the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) has, at its annual conference, awarded a prize, generously donated by Springer, for the best paper published in the previous calendar year within its journal Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE). In determining this award, a panel consisting of the ERE Editor, Ian Bateman, and Co-Editors Hassan Benchekroun and Christian Vossler, assesses all of the paper published by the journal over the relevant period. We are delighted to announce that the winner of the award for the best paper published in ERE during 2013 is:

Antony Millner, Simon Dietz and Geoffrey Heal, “Scientific Ambiguity and Climate Policy”

This superb paper focuses on the problem that humanity has never faced the conditions which anthropocentric climate change is likely to bring over the next few decades and lacks certainty regarding the impacts this may cause. This ambiguity means that decision makers face problems of uncertainty rather than risk. The paper adds to this mix the observation that individuals appear more averse to situations involving ambiguity than risk. Ambiguity aversion is shown to have a similar effect on climate policy to lowering the social rate of discount, magnifying the negative consequences of insufficient abatement. Assessing the effect of ambiguity aversion using the popular DICE model, the authors show that its impact for policy will be particularly large if damages increase rapidly at higher temperatures. Further insights such as the effects of inequality aversion are also investigated to deliver an excellent contribution to the literature.

The committee felt that this was a particularly good year for high quality submissions and no less than seven papers were awarded “Highly Commended” status as follows:

Geir B. Asheim, “A Distributional Argument for Supply-Side Climate Policies”

Kevin J. Boyle, Christopher F. Parmeter, Brent B. Boehlert and Robert W. Paterson, “Due Diligence in Meta-analyses to Support Benefit Transfers”

Michael Finus and Dirk T. G. Ruebbelke “Public Good Provision and Ancillary Benefits: The Case of Climate Agreements”.

Timo Goeschl, Daniel Heyen and Juan Moreno-Cruz, “The Intergenerational Transfer of Solar Radiation Management Capabilities and Atmospheric Carbon Stocks”.

Karine Nyborg and Tao Zhang, “Is Corporate Social Responsibility Associated with Lower Wages?”.

Matthias G. W. Schmidt, Hermann Held, Elmar Kriegler and Alexander Lorenz, “Climate Policy Under Uncertain and Heterogeneous Climate Damages”

Martin L. Weitzman, “A Precautionary Tale of Uncertain Tail Fattening”

Each of these papers was identified as representing very substantial contributions to the field of environmental and resource economics and the authors are congratulated for such fine work. Full references to all papers are provided below.


  1. Geir B. Asheim (2013) A distributional argument for supply-side climate policies. Environ Res Econ 56(2):239–254

  2. Kevin J. Boyle, Christopher F. Parmeter, Brent B. Boehlert, Robert W. Paterson (2013) Due diligence in meta-analyses to support benefit transfers. Environ Res Econ 55(3):357–386

  3. Michael Finus and Dirk T. G. Ruebbelke (2013) Public good provision and ancillary benefits: the case of climate agreements. Environ Res Econ 56(2):211–226

  4. Goeschl Timo, Heyen Daniel, Moreno-Cruz Juan (2013) The intergenerational transfer of solar radiation management capabilities and atmospheric carbon stocks. Environ Res Econ 56(1):85–104

  5. Matthias G. W. Schmidt, Hermann Held, Elmar Kriegler, Alexander Lorenz (2013) Climate policy under uncertain and heterogeneous climate damages. Environ Res Econ 54(1):79–99

  6. Antony Millner, Simon Dietz and Geoffrey Heal (2013) Scientific ambiguity and climate policy. Environ Res Econ 55(1):21–46

  7. Karine Nyborg and Tao Zhang (2013) Is corporate social responsibility associated with lower wages? Environ Res Econ 55(1):107–117

  8. Martin L. Weitzman (2013) A precautionary tale of uncertain tail fattening. Environ Res Econ 55(2):159–173

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