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The effects of robotics training on students’ creativity and learning in physics


The ever-increasing advances in technology have made it necessary to make use of new educational methods in educational systems. Therefore, in this study, the effects of robotics training on students’ creativity and learning physics were investigated. The research design was pretest posttest quasi-experimental, including one control and one treatment groups. The participants of the study included 120 males and females from 11th grade, studying at different schools in Tehran, Iran (members of the robotic schools training plan) in the educational year 2016–17. They were selected and studied through multistage random cluster sampling. After an eight-session treatment period, the data were collected through employing the Torrance Creativity Questionnaire (1979) including four dimensions namely fluidity, flexibility, innovation, and detailed explanation in the format of 60 items, a test of 10 learning points, and a package of training on robotic constructs in physics. For data analysis, Covariance analysis was employed. The findings indicated that Robotics training influenced and improved creativity and learning in physics among the participants.

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