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Microscopic Colitis in Routine Colonoscopies

  • Kaz JaskiewiczEmail author
  • Robert Rzepko
  • Kristian Adrych
  • Marian Smoczyński


Lymphocytic colitis (LC) and collagenous colitis (CC), both known as microscopic colitis (MC), are uncommon entities with increasing incidence as more clinicians take biopsies from macroscopically normal colons and as pathologists use more rigorous diagnostic criteria to be confident of the diagnosis. Information on the incidence of this type of colitis is limited and based on reported cases. The purpose of this work is to estimate the incidence of LC and CC in reviewed routine colonoscopies. We reviewed 2815 colonoscopies performed at a tertiary referral center with an open-access service using restricted histological criteria in order to establish the frequency rate of LC and CC in routine colonoscopic biopsy material. Cases suspicious for MC were stained with Masson's trichrome or Congo red stain and immunohistochemically for lymphocytes, where appropriate. Review of routine colonoscopic biopsies showed that MC is underreported in our colonoscopic material. Incidence rates of LC and CC (0.9 and 0.4, respectively) were based on morphological assessment of colonoscopic biopsies using stringent criteria together with clinical data and after differentiation with other lesions which can mimic MC. The 10.2% rate of this type of colitis in patients with chronic watery diarrhea indicates the necessity to consider these lesions in older individuals with diarrhea and normal endoscopical colonic mucosa.

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microscopic colitis incidence pathology lymphocytic colitis collagenous colitis 


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  • Robert Rzepko
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  • Kristian Adrych
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  • Marian Smoczyński
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