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Deep multilayer percepted policy attribute Lamport certificateless signcryption for secure data access and sharing in cloud


Data sharing is a method that allows users to legally access data over the cloud. Cloud computing architecture is used to enable the data sharing capabilities only to the authorized users from the data stored in the cloud server. In the cloud, the number of users is extremely large and the users connect and leave randomly hence that the system needs to protect the data access. Many algorithms have been reviewed but the most challenging issue in cloud computing is a data-sharing system and access policy for an authorized user. A novel technique called Deep Multilayer Percepted Policy Attribute Lamport Certificateless Signcryption (DMPPALCS) is introduced for improving the security level of data access in the cloud with multiple layers. Initially, the users register their details to the cloud server for retrieving the numerous services. After that the cloud server generates the private and public keys for each registered user using Lamport Certificateless Signcryption. After the key generation, the user sends a request to the cloud server for acquiring the data. The cloud server validates that the requested user is authorized or not based on the policy attributes. Then the cloud server facilities the user requested data in the form of ciphertext and generates the signature to the cloud user. Finally, the signature is verified at the user side to decrypt the data. If the signature is valid, then the authorized users obtain the original data and improve secure data access. The proposed DMPPALCS technique is used for evaluating various security parameters.

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