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High-throughput publish/subscribe on top of LSM-based storage


State-of-the-art publish/subscribe systems are efficient when the subscriptions are relatively static—for instance, the set of followers in Twitter—or can fit in memory. However, now-a-days, many big data and IoT based applications follow a highly dynamic query paradigm, where both continuous queries and data entries are in the millions and can arrive and expire rapidly. In this paper we propose and compare several publish/subscribe storage architectures, based on the popular NoSQL log-structured merge tree (LSM) storage paradigm, to support high-throughput and highly dynamic publish/subscribe systems. Our framework naturally supports subscriptions on both historic and future streaming data, and generates instant notifications. We also extend our framework to efficiently support self-joining subscriptions, where streaming pub/sub records join with past pub/sub entries. Further, we show how hierarchical attributes, such as concept ontologies, can be efficiently supported; for example, a publication’s topic is “politics” whereas a subscription’s topic is “US politics.” We implemented and experimentally evaluated our methods on the popular LSM-based LevelDB system, using real datasets, for simple match and self-joining subscriptions on both flat and hierarchical attributes. Our results show that our approaches achieve significantly higher throughput compared to state-of-the-art baselines.

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  1. Which is C1 in Fig. 2 as LevelDB does not number the memory component.


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This project is partially supported by NSF Grants IIS-1447826 and IIS-1619463.

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