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Status in molluscan cell line development in last one decade (2010–2020): impediments and way forward


Despite the attempts that have started since the 1960s, not even a single cell line of marine molluscs is available. Considering the vast contribution of marine bivalve aquaculture to the world economy, the prevailing viral threats, and the dismaying lack of advancements in molluscan virology, the requirement of a marine molluscan cell line is indispensable. This synthetic review discusses the obstacles in developing a marine molluscan cell line concerning the choice of species, the selection of tissue and decontamination, and cell culture media, with emphasis given on the current decade 2010–2020. Detailed accounts on the experiments on the virus cultivation in vitro and molluscan cell immortalization, with a brief note on the history and applications of the molluscan cell culture, are elucidated to give a holistic picture of the current status and future trends in molluscan cell line development.

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The original research was financially supported by the Junior Research Fellowship of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Govt. of India (No. 09/239(0553)/2019-EMR-I). The first author thanks CSIR for the fellowship.

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SB prepared the main manuscript, including all figures and tables. ISBS and JP conceptualized, reviewed, corrected and finally approved the manuscript.

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Correspondence to I. S. Bright Singh or Jayesh Puthumana.

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Balakrishnan, S., Singh, I.S.B. & Puthumana, J. Status in molluscan cell line development in last one decade (2010–2020): impediments and way forward. Cytotechnology 74, 433–457 (2022).

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