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Anita Lightburn and Phebe Sessions (eds): Handbook of Community-based Clinical Practice

Oxford University Press, New York, 2006, 561 pp., $65.00
  • Annette M. BaileyEmail author
Book Review
Anita Lightburn and Phebe Sessions offer a significant volume, which transcends the micro/macro practice divide by conceptualizing how clinical thinking can be infused in community-based prevention and intervention programs. The book begins with two comprehensive and well-researched chapters that introduce community based clinical practice (CBCP) as a model of practice. They describe CBCP as

the location of mental health services beyond the walls of formal, medicalized clinics in settings where other kinds of services by other professions are delivered, in the neighborhoods of the client population whom clinicians are serving...Beyond the location of services, however, “community-based” also refers to practice grounded in a recognition of the profound interdependence of individual and community well-being, an understanding that the health of one is highly influenced by the health of the other...At the same time, community-based clinicians recognize that the highly specialized knowledge...


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