Distorting Intimate Violence Findings: Playing with Numbers

  • Nicola Graham-Kevan

Having been involved from the very beginning in researching family violence, Straus is in a unique position to provide a commentary on Graham-Kevan (2007).

Straus’ commentary provides an excellent but worrying synopsis of the methods that have been employed by some feminist scholars and advocates for over 30 years to suppress research and dialogue that is perceived as having the potential to undermine the feminist conceptualisation of domestic violence. The effects of this are insidious and distort an entire research area. I not only fully endorse Straus’ commentary but would also like to add one additional method that I frequently come across. This method relies on people’s fear of statistics to misrepresent information for ideological reasons.

Method 8: Playing with Numbers

As statistical rigour becomes more important in the design of official surveys, so the bias evident in many older data sets are eliminated. This has the effect of making the results more valid. This is a problem...


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