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Table 4 Overview of pivotality beliefs

From: Sanctioning, selection, and pivotality in voting: theory and experimental results

Cases Predicted pivotality % of voters believing to be pivotal
(0,0,0) Non-pivotal 21
(0,30,30) Non-pivotal 36
(0,60,60) Non-pivotal 30
(30,30,0) Pivotal 73
(30,30,30) Non-pivotal 36
(40,40,40) Non-pivotal 32
(60,60,0) Pivotal 80
  1. Bold number refers to own receipt of the voter. The predicted pivotality refers to whether the voter (who receives the amount in bold) is expected to be pivotal or not, assuming social projection. The third column indicates the percentage of voters who receive the amount in bold who believe that they are pivotal in the election outcome. Note that the pivotality beliefs correlate with the predicted pivotality