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James R. Hackney, Jr., Under cover of science: American legal-economic theory and the quest for objectivity

Duke University Press, Durham, NC, 2007, 264 pp. $22.95, ISBN 978-0-8223-3998-4
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Book Review

James R. Hackney Jr. presents his Under the Cover of Science as a “study in American ‘legal-economic’ theory” (emphasis added)—a phrase in which the word economic must be emphasized because economics is assumed to play an important role in the development of American legal theory, especially the movement known as law and economics. In particular, Hackney’s premise is that economics, “a discipline at the confluence of science, philosophy, and American legal theory”, is a crucial locus of the intellectual connections between science (physics and biology), philosophy, and legal theory. The implication, Hackney argues, is that to understand the intellectual evolution of American law and economics, we must analyse the scientific and philosophical foundations of economics, especially neoclassical economics, and legal theory. And, because these foundations have been hidden, obscured, or neglected, Hackney’s “intellectual history” of American legal-economic theory proposes to uncover them. He...

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