Influence of Seasonal Dynamics on Carbohydrate, Lipid, and Protein Contents in Phaseolus vulgaris Pods

The carbohydrate, lipid, and protein contents of Phaseolus vulgaris L. pods during the milk-ripe and fruit-ripening stages were studied and their compositions and physicochemical parameters were established. The content of water-soluble polysaccharides decreased while that of pectinic substances increased during fruit ripening. The monosaccharide composition of the polysaccharides included acidic and neutral monosaccharides in various ratios. The compositions of neutral lipids (NL), their fatty acids (FAs), glycolipids (GLs), and protein amino acids were established. The NL were two times less; GL, 1.5 times less during fruit ripening than during the milk-ripe stages in P. vulgaris pods. The fatty acids of the two stages were dominated by saturated components, predominantly 16:0 acid. The nonessential amino acids in both stages were dominated by aspartic and glutamic acids; essential, isoleucine and leucine.

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Translated from Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii, No. 1, January–February, 2021, pp. 5–9.

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  • Phaseolus vulgaris
  • polysaccharides
  • pectinic substances
  • hemicelluloses
  • lipids
  • fatty acids
  • proteins
  • amino acids