Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Chemical Constituents of Xylem of Sophora japonica Roots




This work was supported financially by the Open Fund of State Key Laboratory of Tree Genetics and Breeding (Chinese Academy of Forestry) (Grant No. TGB2016002), National Natural Science Foundation of China (31260400), the Foundation (No. 2016IM003) of Key Laboratory of Industrial Fermentation Microbiology of Ministry of Education and Tianjin Key Lab of Industrial Microbiology (Tianjin University of Science & Technology), the Scientific and Technical supporting plan programs Foundation of Jiangxi (20151BBF60002), and the Science and Technology Major Project Foundation of Jiangxi Academy of Sciences (2016-YZD1-01).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of Applied ChemistryJiangxi Academy of SciencesNanchangP. R. China
  2. 2.Tianjin Key Laboratory of Pulp and PaperTianjin University of Science and TechnologyTianjinP. R. China
  3. 3.Key Laboratory of Industrial Fermentation Microbiology of Ministry of Education and Tianjin Key Laboratory; of Industrial MicrobiologyTianjin University of Science and TechnologyTianjinP. R. China
  4. 4.State Key Laboratory of Tree Genetics and Breeding, Key Laboratory of Tree Breeding and Cultivation of State Forestry Administration, Research Institute of ForestryChinese Academy of ForestryBeijingP. R. China

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