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New Fatty Acid From a Gorgonian-Derived Xylaria sp. Fungus

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A new fatty acid, (2E,4E,6S)-6-hydroxydeca-2,4-dienoic acid (1), along with six known compounds (2–7), were isolated from the gorgonian-derived fungus Xylaria sp. C-2, collected from the South China Sea. The structure of 1 was elucidated by 1D, 2D NMR, and MS spectrometry. The absolute configuration of 1 was determined by using the modified Mosher’s method. All of the isolated compounds were evaluated for their cytotoxic and antibacterial activities.

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We thank Dr. Chang-Lun Shao, School of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ocean University of China, for sample collection. This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 81172977; U1406402) and the Special Financial Fund of Innovative Development of Marine Economic Demonstration Project (No. GD2012-D01-001).

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Correspondence to Chang-Yun Wang.

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Published in Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii, No. 2, March–April, 2017, pp. 195–198.

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  • gorgonian-derived fungus
  • Xylaria sp.
  • C10 unsaturated hydroxy fatty acid
  • absolute configuration