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Assessing Mental Health Among Adults


The aim of the study is to compare the knowledge of adults regarding mental health. Public understanding regarding mental health and illnesses among general population is usually a lacking aspect. Understanding mental illness plays a paramount role in the prevention and treatment of mental diseases and also rehabilitation of individual. Mental health is considered to be the foundation for effective functioning for an individual and also for a community. Despite all of these facts, mental health is still deliberated as a luxury. The misinterpretations on which such views are formulated are now becoming vibrant than they were in the past. In addition, WHO and other international organizations aiming to identify the enhancement of mental health as a priority concern for low and middle income countries especially in India. A comparative study involving urban and rural areas with selected 400 adults. A structured knowledge questionnaire was cast-off to assess and compare the knowledge of adults regarding mental health, residing in urban and rural areas. Majority of adults residing in urban areas were having good level of knowledge regarding mental health as compared to rural areas. Based on the study findings it was unwavering that adults in urban have good level of understanding regarding mental health which eventually help them to supports mental illness in their community settings.

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