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Formation and Properties of Microemulsions Stabilized by Ethoxylated Glycerides


Phase equilibrium in water-organic systems containing ethoxylated glycerides is studied. It is shown that microemulsions can be formed, and the domains of their existence are determined.

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Translated from Kolloidnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 67, No. 3, 2005, pp. 328–332.

Original Russian Text Copyright © 2005 by Gloukhova, Kienskaya, Myakon’kii, Kim.

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Gloukhova, T.V., Kienskaya, K.I., Myakon’kii, A.G. et al. Formation and Properties of Microemulsions Stabilized by Ethoxylated Glycerides. Colloid J 67, 291–294 (2005).

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  • Polymer
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