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Aliphatic chain-containing macrocycles as diazonamide A analogs

Aliphatic alkyl chain-containing 12–14-membered macrocycles have been designed as structural analogs of antimitotic natural product diazonamide A. Macrocycles were synthesized from 5-bromooxazole in 7 to 9 linear steps using Ru-catalyzed ring-closing metathesis as the key transformation. Heat effect of binding to α,β-tubulin tetramer (T4-RB3 complex) has been measured for the synthesized macrocycles by isothermal titration calorimetry method.

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This work was funded by ERDF (project No. “Simplified Analogues of Diazonamide A as Anticancer Agents”).

We thank Prof. K. Jaudzems for assistance with NMR experiments and the ITC assay.

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  • diazonamide A
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