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Synthesis of Chiral Phosphazene Bases

Air-stable and crystalline tetraaminophosphonium tetrafluoroborates possessing chiral, enantiomerically pure 1,2-diamine moiety have been synthesized by a three-step sequential one-pot approach. The tetrafluoroborate salts can be purified by recrystallization or chromatography and subsequently converted to the phosphazene bases by treatment with t-BuOK. Basicity values in tetrahydrofuran have been measured for the obtained phosphazene bases by means of spectrophotometric titration.

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Authors thank Dr. S. Belyakov (Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis) for X-ray crystallographic analysis.

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Correspondence to Edgars Suna.

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The Supplementary information file containing results of X-ray crystallographic analysis is available at

Published in Khimiya Geterotsiklicheskikh Soedinenii, 2016, 52(8), 541–545

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  • phosphazene bases
  • tetraaminophosphonium salts
  • basicity
  • one-pot synthesis
  • pK ip value