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Investigating organizational characteristics during the first three lifecycle stages using the PAEI framework and the system dynamics approach


The purpose of this research is to analyse the characteristics and behaviour of an organization over the course of 100 months of the courtship, infancy, and go-go stages of its lifecycle. Moreover, the causal feedback loops and stock-and-flow diagrams of each stage of the organizational lifecycle are plotted. The PAEI framework proposed by Adizes and the system dynamics approach are employed to understand the organizations treatment throughout its lifecycle. To tackle problems that the organization may face during each stage of its lifecycle, we have suggested some appropriate strategies. Although there are studies that analysed the dynamic treatment of the lifecycles of organizations, the current study is the first attempt to employ the Adizes’s PAEI framework and the system dynamics method to understand organizations treatment throughout their lifecycles.

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Mowlanapour, R., Farjami, Y. & Saghafi, F. Investigating organizational characteristics during the first three lifecycle stages using the PAEI framework and the system dynamics approach. Comput Math Organ Theory 27, 35–60 (2021).

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  • Adizes’s PAEI framework
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