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Towards a distributed SaaS management system in a multi-cloud environment

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Nowadays, the multi-cloud environment is gaining a momentum since it provides its users with reduced costs, greater flexibility and elasticity, high availability and better fault-tolerance. Despite these advantages, these environments present many challenges, including service management and interoperability issues. Due to the diversity of cloud service providers, their heterogeneity and the exponential growth of offered services, user requirements cannot be adequately met. These problems, if not addressed effectively, can have a negative impact on the cloud environment as well as on the user experience. Thus, to answer the service management problem in multi-cloud environments, we propose in this paper a threefold contribution (i) a noval cloud federation architecture, (ii) a suitable service management system and (iii) a service publication algorithm in order to manage, store and retrieve efficiently cloud services within the federation. Our solution consists in combining several concepts including trust, clustering and , ontologies. Our aim is to automate the management process, maximise the profit and ensure a better user experience. Our experiments highlight the effectiveness of the proposed cloud federation architecture as well as the deployed management system in optimizing the storage space and answering effectively and rapidly users’ requests.

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Data availability

The service dataset used in this research work is an open source corpus composed of several web services. It is available online ( The development environment we used in our work is as open source program (Cloudsim 3.0.3). It is available online ( All data generated or analysed during this study are included in this published article.

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