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Table 4 Comparison of BFT and crash-based consensus algorithm (IoT Suitability Level of compatibility with IoT, Efficiency for DI Level of efficiency in achieving decentralization)

From: Blockchain for decentralization of internet: prospects, trends, and challenges

Consensus algorithm Blockchain type Permission type Decentralization IoT suitability Efficiency for DI Remarks
PBFT Private Permissioned Medium Yes High Limited scalability
dBFT Private Permissioned Medium Plausible Low Suffers with low network speed
SCP & ripple Public Permissionless High Plausible Medium Suffers with latency issues
Hyperledger & variants Private Permissioned Low Mostly no Low to Medium Requires further improvements for a lot of the variants
PoA (Authority) Private Permissionless Low No Medium Conflicting design methodology
Paxos Private Permissioned Low No High Needs to be adapted
Raft Private Permissioned Medium Plausible High Requires further improvements