A collaboration of deadline and budget constraints for task scheduling in cloud computing


Cloud computing has become the most attractive platform compared to grid computing, that offers several services such as infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service, where the users can consume these services on the cloud and pay based on their consumption and on the fulfilment of Quality of Service (QoS) constraints such as deadline and budget. Hence, to schedule the tasks effectively, cost monetary must be considered while optimising implementation time performance under users’ defined constraints. In this paper, the Deadline Budget Scheduling (DBS) model is proposed to execute the users’ tasks on Virtual Machines (VMs) under the QoS constraints at less execution time. In our proposal, users’ tasks will be assigned to appropriate VM which meets either of the two constraints namely (deadline and budget) or one of the constraints based on user satisfaction. Makespan and cost are calculated to evaluate our proposed DBS model with state of the art algorithms. The experimental results illustrate that DBS outperforms other algorithms by minimizing the makespan and cost.

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