Discovery of optimal multicast routes in MANETs using cross-layer approach and fuzzy logic support system



A wireless based Mobile Ad Hoc Network, which is referred as MANET relies infrastructure-less based network composed nodes which are connected through wireless medium that permit communication among mobile nodes without any central base station. The dynamic behavior and unique characteristics of MANETs, providing a reliable and high stability route for transmitting either data or control packet to a shared working group becomes challenging. This paper presents seeks to propose a fuzzy-logic and Cross-layer optimized Multicast Route finding Protocol (C-MRP) which addresses and overcomes the issue of adhoc multicast on-demand table-use routing protocol. We integrate a light weight fuzzy set of rules to select optimal multiple routes to a group of destination nodes using route stability, accessible network bandwidth and node-to-node delay. The vital simulation result reports that C-MRP outperforms than existing solutions in all aspects.


Fuzzy logic Route stability Multicasting Fuzzification and defuzzification 


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  • T. Chellatamilan
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  • R. Sathiyaseelan
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