Data mining and visualization of data-driven news in the era of big data



With the continuous deepening of study of data mining, the application area of data mining gradually expanded, its influence also spread to the media industry. Data visualization technology has changed the traditional narrative mode, make the news becomes a product that be produced. This paper analyzes the history of computer aided reporting to data news, the main models of data news visualization, and the process of data news production through data mining. The study found that data news focuses on the way of data processing in the entire news workflow, it involves not only classical computer graphics technology, image-processing technology and computer audio technology, but also more data analysis and visual processing technologies based on new media and cloud computing involved in. Research data mining and visualization of data-driven journalism can help journalists use big data to do news work better, deepen people’s cognition of news events, find the logic which cannot be reflected in traditional news, and maximize the connotation of news report.


Data mining Dig data Data-driven journalism News visualization analysis 


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