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A BGP session takeover method for high availability based on virtualization technique

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Recently, the improvement in the data communication networks in terms of availability and reliability is emerging as a critical issue. In this context, the high availability and reliability of routers that control data flow and routing path between networks are being recognized as critical problems. Many methods for providing high availability to minimize the loss cost caused by the failure of a router are being studied. This paper analyzed the takeover method proposed in the previous studies to support the high availability of the BGP protocol, and proposed a BGP session takeover method using the virtualization technique to improve the takeover performance.

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This research was supported by the IT R&D program of MSIP (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) /IITP (Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion). [12221-14-1001, Next Generation Network Computing Platform Testbed] and The work reported in this paper was conducted during the sabbatical year of Kwangwoon University in 2015.

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Correspondence to Hwasung Kim.

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  • BGP
  • High availability
  • Takeover
  • Virtualization