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Building thesaurus-based knowledge graph based on schema layer

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Google proposed the concept of knowledge graph to improve the quality of searching results in 2012, so the knowledge graph brought a hot topic in the field of academic and industry. The knowledge graph can effectively improve the searching quality and the accuracy of Q & A system, which is a hot issue. With the help of agricultural experts, this paper based on the Agricultural Thesaurus, determines the rules for judging whether a thesaurus is a concept or an entity, establishes maps from Agricultural Thesaurus to the agricultural knowledge graph schema layer and the data layer. Therefore, the large-scale automatic building is realized from the Agricultural Thesaurus to the agricultural knowledge graph. In order to effectively manage and utilize triples, this paper proposes a mathematical model for the management of triples with the RDF-based triple storage pattern, which lays the solid foundation for the semantic-based agricultural information retrieving and the construction of the Q & A system.

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Our work has been fully supported by the National Science and Technology Funding Program (2012BAD35807), the Hunan Province’s Key Science and Technology Project (2016NK2118), as well as the Hunan Education Authority’s Science Research Project (13C389).

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Correspondence to Kui Fang.

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