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Table 1 The 10 AOGCM CMIP6 models used in this study, their modeling groups (institutions), countries involved, and horizontal resolution

From: Evapotranspiration and water availability response to climate change in the Middle East and North Africa

Model acronym The modeling group (institution), country Institute ID Horizontal resolution (lon. × lat.)
CanESM5 Canadian Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis (Canada) CCCma 2.81° × 2.81°
CESM2 National Center for Atmospheric Research (USA) NCAR 1.25° × 0.93°
GISS-E2-1-G Goddard Institute for Space Studies (USA) NASA-GISS 2.5° × 2°
HadGEM3 National Environmental Research Council (UK) NERC 1.875° × 1.25°
INM-CM5-0 Institute for Numerical Mathematics, Russian Academy of Science (Russia) INM 2° × 1.5°
IPSL-CM6A-LR Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (France) IPSL 2.5° × 1.258°
MIROC6 Japanese modeling community (Japan)
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo
MIROC 1.4° × 1.4°
MRI-ESM2-0 Meteorological Research Institute (Japan) MRI 1.125° × 1.125°
MPI-ESM1-2-HR Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (Germany) MPI-M 0.937° × 0.937°
NorESM2-MM Norwegian Climate Centre (Norway) NCC 1.25° × 0.937°