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Table 2 Mapping of GFED4s classes of emissions to new FAOSTAT emissions

From: New estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from biomass burning and peat fires using MODIS Collection 6 burned areas

GFED4s emission source classes Process followed to derive the corresponding new FAOSTAT emissions
  Step 1 Step 2
Tropical deforestation and degradation Sum of emissions from all forest classes (boreal, temperate, tropical) Sum of emissions from step 1 clipped on the humid tropical class (tropical rainforest and tropical moist forest classes) from the GEZ-FAO climate map
Boreal and temperate forests Sum of emissions from step 1 minus emissions from the humid tropical class above
Peat Sum of emissions from all peatlands
Savanna, grassland, and bushland fire Sum of emissions from grassland, savanna, woody savanna, open shrubland, and closed shrubland (UMD classes 6–10)