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Table 1 Characteristics of each FMO in Alaska

From: Estimating wildfire response costs in Alaska’s changing climate

FMO Characteristics Areaa
(thousands of ha)
Critical Highest priority areas where the risks to human life, residences, and community-dependent infrastructure are greatest. All fires are immediately suppressed. 1309
Full High-valued areas, but where risks to human life or inhabited property are low. Fires are usually suppressed. 21,786
Modified Areas where risks to humans and infrastructure are relatively low and management decisions are designed to balance area burned with suppression costs. Suppression occurs if there is high fire danger. 17,052
Limited Typically remote areas with a low density of valuable property, allowing for natural fire dynamics and associated ecological processes. Not typically suppressed. 106,672
  1. Table descriptions based on AICC 2016
  2. aAreas listed for each FMO are those used in this analysis