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Table 1 SLAMM inputs type, value and source and site parameters used for the SLAMM simulations

From: Projected changes in area of the Sundarban mangrove forest in Bangladesh due to SLR by 2100

Inputs Value Source
NWI Photo Date (year) 2003/2005 Mukhopadhyay et al. 2015
DEM Date (year) 2006/2007 IWM 2009
Time step (years) 1  
Cell width (m) 30 IWM 2009
Direction Offshore of DEM South  
Ground Elevation Trend (mm/year) +2.5, 0, −2.5 Brown and Nicholls (2015)
Elevation of DEM relative to PWD (m) 0.459 IWM 2009
Great Diurnal Tide Range (m) 0  
SLR (eustatic) above present values by 2100 (m) 0.46, 0.75, 1.48  
Tidal Flat Erosion (horz. m/year) 20 Rahman et al. (2011); Sarwar and Woodroffe (2013)
Use of elev pre-processor [True,False] FALSE