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Table 1 Model versions used for this comparison

From: Comparison of low-carbon pathways for California

Model Abbreviation Version used in this comparison Other related versions/resources
Berkeley Energy and Resources BEAR Roland-Holst (2008) Roland-Holst (2011; 2012)
CA Energy Future Project CCST Greenblatt and Long, (2012) Youngs (2013) (biofuels-specific report); CCST (2011)
CA-TIMES CA-TIMES Yang et al. (2015) McCollum et al. (2012)
CA GHG Analysis of Policies Spreadsheet (formerly GHGIS) CALGAPS Greenblatt (2015)2 Greenblatt and Long (2012)
CA Long-Range Energy Alternatives Planning System LEAP Wei et al. (2014) Wei et al. (2013)
SWITCH SWITCH Nelson et al. (2014) Fripp (2012); Nelson et al. (2012); Mileva et al. (2013)
PATHWAYS PATHWAYS Williams et al. (2012)  
Wind, Water, Solar (WWS) WWS Jacobson et al. (2014) Hart and Jacobson (2011);