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Table 1 Parameters used for the hypothetical Terrestrial Carbon Projects in the Sahelian parklands

From: Carbon sequestration potential of parkland agroforestry in the Sahel

Parameter Values
Farm size scenarios (parkland area) 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 ha
Discount rate 12 %
Trees planted per hectare 200
Sequestration rate per year 1.47 Mg CO2 ha−1
MRV Mapping (once) US$20,000 + US$0.5 per farm
Monitoring (per year) US$20,000 + US$0.5 per farm
Verification (per 5 years) US$20,000 + US$0.5 per farm
Staff Project manager 1
Extension workers 1 per 2,000 farms (rounded up to next integer)
Staff cost Project manager US$15,000 per year (+10 % overhead)
Extension workers US$1,600 per year (+10 % overhead)
Training US$1,000 per year
Travel expenses US$2 per farm
Vehicles number of cars a) 1 per 50,000 farms (rounded up to next integer)
number of motorcycles b) 1 per 2,000 farms (rounded up to next integer)
  1. a) Purchase costs: US$30,000; vehicle life: 5 years; re-sale value: US$5,000; operating costs: US$6,500 p.a.
  2. b) Purchase costs: US$3,000; vehicle life: 3 years; re-sale value: US$1,000; operating costs: US$1,000 p.a.